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Prepare for Your Visit in Israel

Millions of visitors flock to Israel each year, and many of those represent a number of Christians, Jews and those of various other religious faiths that consider the country to be the actual biblical Holy Land. 

There is absolutely no doubt that visitors may touch base with their religious roots during a visit to Israel, but this incredible Middle Eastern country that is located on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea offers so much more. 
Set Israel as your next vacation destination, and you can expect to experience and enjoy an incredible variety of sights and attractions that you won't find anywhere else in our entire wide world.

You will no doubt want to experience as much as possible during your time in Israel, and there are a few basic things that you should do before you get started on your adventure.

• Reserve Your Accommodations: You'll need a pillow where you can rest your weary head after a full day of activities, and you will find an excellent variety of accommodations throughout Israel. These include hotels that range from budget friendly to luxury, cozy guesthouses, popular hostels, roomy apartments and even rooms that are located in private homes.

The Kibbutz Hotels network is very popular in the country, and you may also visit the tourist information offices that are found in all of Israel's major cities. There you can use the computer bank to access listings of accommodations that are offered in private homes for any area in the country. The staff at the offices are also always happy to offer visitors their own recommendations.

• Rent a Small Car: Visitors to Israel may choose to travel about the country by way of intercity buses, the train service or by sherut, which is a shared taxi-type van. However, for those who want the luxury of real freedom to explore the country, you should definitely plan to rent a small car.

It's important to note that visitors may not take a rental car into or out of the country. Eldan is considered the largest Israeli car-rental firm, and you will be able to rent a car in advance for pick-up at the airport or at many spots throughout the country.

• Choose a Reliable Cell Phone Rental: You must select a cell phone rental plan that works well in Israel and allows you to make contact back home. By choosing a smartphone with unlimited WiFi and calls, you can be sure of unlimited internet access. This will allow you to find the best accommodations and do all the research needed to ensure, that you don't miss anything that you may want to see in any city that you choose to travel through. 

You will also be just a phone call away from assistance if it's needed or a phone call to update your family about all of your wonderful adventures. For these reasons, our cell phone rental may be the most important step you take when beginning your journey through Israel.

Experience Wonderful Israel

You've got an entire country with many wonderful cities waiting for your attention. These are just a few ideas for you to enjoy during your stay.

• Old City of Jerusalem: Visitors who want to experience the religious aspects of Israel will definitely want to tour this area. You can expect to see sacred sites that include the Dome of the Rock shrine, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Wailing Wall and the Temple Mount. Visitors come from all over the world to visit the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and place a prayer note in the cracks of the Wailing Wall, and many believe that their prayers are answered when left in this sacred spot.

• Tel Aviv Beaches: This city is filled with beautiful beaches that give way to the Mediterranean Sea. You may choose Hilton Beach for some of the area's very best surfing, or you may want to head over to Tel Baruch Beach for a day of family fun. If your tastes run more to street performers and drumming circles, then you might want to try out Drummers Beach. Banana Beach is popular for its great atmosphere and sunset drinks at the Banana Cafe, which features local beers and wines.

• Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Eilat: This city sits on the Red Sea, and the perfectly clear waters are perfect for a snorkeling or scuba-diving experience. The area boasts a truly amazing coral reef, and you can expect to see large schools of colorful fish. If you want to scuba dive, then be sure to bring your certification along with you. You may also obtain your certification while you are in Israel. Eilat also offers an incredible underwater observatory.

• The Dead Sea Experience: Considered the healthiest destination in Israel, visitors arrive in great numbers to the Dead Sea. Known as the saltiest body of water in the world and the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea's waters are believed to contain anti-aging properties, fight arthritis and alleviate depression and anxiety. Come enjoy a serene float on your back and see how much better you feel. You may also explore the caves at Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and the salt mountains at Mount Sdom.

• Party in Tel Aviv: For those who enjoy a party atmosphere that goes all night long, you will definitely want to spend some time enjoying Tel Aviv's excellent nightlife. You will find many ways to spend your evenings that include a rowdy good time in any of the numerous bars or dancing the night away or listening to live musical entertainment in the nightclubs. Evening-entertainment offerings that provide a bit more culture include live theater and concert halls.

• The Ramon Crater: The largest crater in the world can be found in the Negev desert near Beersheva. Visitors are welcome to the Mitzpeh Ramon Visitor's Center, where you can safely stand right on the edge of this over 1,500-foot-deep natural crater. This lovely eco-tourism destination also offers a wonderfully complex network of hiking routes that include the popular Har Ardon trail. Those who want to the see the sights without the hike may utilize a tour that provides travel by camel or jeep.

• Yad Vashem: Located in Jerusalem is this memorial dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust along with the several non-Jewish people who helped save the persecuted Jews. You should plan to take your time exploring this 45-acre complex that houses many monuments, multiple museums, a huge library with several resource centers and a variety of exhibition halls. Considered one of the most significant memorials in the world, Yad Vashem provides an emotional journey to more than 800,000 visitors each year.

• Carmel Market: Shopping enthusiasts must not leave Israel before experiencing this amazing market that is located in central Tel Aviv. Sharpen your bargaining skills, and you will be ready for a taste of real Israel shopping. You will find a wide selection of clothing stalls that feature the brightest colors and wonderful fabrics, and each vendor will try to draw in your business. Fresh local foods, amazing spices and many hand-crafted items will be available to you at excellent bargain prices if your haggling skills are good.

These are just a few of the many wonderful experiences that you may enjoy during your visit to Israel. Whether you spend your visit exploring the religious wonders of Israel, playing on the beach or in the dessert or just sampling a bit of all that this wonderful country has to offer, you are sure to make some wonderful memories that will last you and your family a lifetime.


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