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Terms & Conditions

Please read through these terms and conditions before renting an ATS cellular phone.

  1. All equipment is and remains the sole property of ATS. In the event of loss or damage of the equipment while on rental, Subscriber will be liable to, but not limited to, pay to ATS the amount of $ US 140.00 for the replacement of the equipment and any other related expenses incurred for calls made while the phone is under Subscriber's responsibility. However insurance (if applied) covers cost of loss, theft or damage of the phone only up to $80.00
  2. ATS Cellular Phone can be used to place local and international calls from Israel and to receive calls.
  3. All charges and fees will be billed in Israeli Shekels and paid on the Subscriber's credit card. (Rates are in US dollars and converted in Israeli Shekels the day of the invoice).
  4. VAT of 18% is applicable on all charges.
  5. If ATS suspects fraudulent use of cellular phone service may be terminated without notice.
  6. ATS may refuse to rent a cellular phone to a Subscriber after verification of information given by the Subscriber.
  7. Subscriber authorizes ATS Telecom Systems, Ltd. or their assigned agent, to charge his/her credit card for the rental of the cellular phone and for all calls made with the ATS Cellular Phone. Subscriber further agrees that in the event that his/her credit card becomes invalid or is rejected, Subscriber will provide ATS with a valid credit card number upon request and will pay all outstanding balances owed to ATS.
  8. If the Subscriber's credit card cannot be charged for the total of ATS charged bills, the Subscriber will be assessed a special handling fee of US $ 25 plus a penalty of 18% per annum of any unpaid balance.
  9. ATS is not liable for any failure or performance due to causes beyond its control, or for consequential damages.
  10. If after three months Subscriber did not return the cellular phone or did not renew the rental (by e-mail or by phone), ATS will charge the Subscriber's Credit Card the sum of US $180.00 for the cellular phone and the line will be disconnected.
  11. If the Equipment has not been returned to A.T.S ltd within 45 days after the End Date, A.T.S ltd shall reserve the right charge the customer the full replacement value.
  12. The customer shall return the Equipment at the earlier of the End Date or the termination, for any reason whatsoever, of this agreement. Upon its return, A.T.S ltd shall verify the proper functioning of the Equipment and that all Equipment has been returned. A.T.S ltd may deduct from the sureties given to it such amounts as it sees fit at its discretion and which reflect in its opinion the reduction in value of the Equipment that was not returned in proper condition or intact or on time, as specified in this agreement . The customer shall have no claims against A.T.S ltd with regard to such deductions. Any accessories that are not returned with the A.T.S ltd kit received by the customer are not covered by A.T.S’s insurance and the customer will be charged the full replacement value for them.



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