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Cell Phone Rental in Israel

+ along with a local number from your Country or City

Provide your relatives, friends, and colleagues with a number from your country/city to reach you while you are in Israel. They can stay connected with you by making a local phone call only. Reserve early, and your local number will be available to share with others.

Since 2007, ATS has provided temporary and permanent communication, cellular and internet solutions for travelers in Israel. We offer unlimited calls, SMS text messages, internet connection, SIM cards, Netsticks for laptops and ready-to-use smartphones in Holy Land.
Among our customers are businesses, families, groups, tourists and students.

Stay Perfectly Connected in Israel With Our Cellphone Rentals

No matter how long you plan to stay in Israel, ATS provides you with the best mobile service with the most competitive prices on the market.

Our customer service is English-speaking and friendly, and we will do everything we can to ensure that your stay in Israel is enjoyable.

Choose your rental plan or read the reviews.

Our Rental Plans and Services are Explained Here

Customers Reviews

I came with Birthright to Israel, and needed a sim card for my IPhone. I got a great deal at ATS. I had unlimited web connection, and I was able to call my friends and folks back home. Great experience.
Dan T., USA

My Masa journey to Israel was so much better due to the phone I got from the people at ATS. They solved everything I needed immediately, and I was really pleased with their service.
Abbie Y., USA

I have only good things to say about ATS. I needed an Israeli sim card to work with my IPhone. They made sure it was working and allowed me unlimited use.
Dave A., USA

I had an excellent service from Shlomo/ATS! The phone was waiting at my hotel on arrival in Tel Aviv, and was left at an hotel in Jerusalem on departure. The phone worked perfectly, and on the 2 occasions (for SMS and international calls) I needed assistance, it was provided quickly. It was good to have unlimited calls.
David G., Australia

I will definitely use your services next time I come to Israel. There were no surprises, and the service was great.
Abigail S., USA

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Calls & SMS in Israel

Rent a new 2G 1.52" TFT screen Samsung E1200 cell phone with unlimited calls and sms in Israel.


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Rent a new Samsung E1200 phone with unlimited calls and sms messages in Israel and worldwide.


SIM Card Rental

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Smart Phone Rental

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