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How do I receive the phone?
- You can receive the phone at any Israeli address or hotel.

Can the phone be delivered to my home?
- Yes. If you order at least one month before the arrival to Israel.

What happens if I lose the phone or it gets stolen?
- Unlimited reservations include insurance, so for the phone and sim card the liability is just $80.

How do I return the phone?
- You can leave the phone at the front desk of your hotel, or at the home/apartment you are staying at, prior to departure from Israel.

Can I return the phone to the front desk of the last hotel I stay at, even though it is different from the hotel I started at?

- Yes! You can return the phone/SIM at any hotel.

Is VAT necessary for tourists?
- All communication services have mandatory VAT added on.

Why should I rent from ATS?
- Because of the service quality, the heroic support and the lowest prices.


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