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Rates for AIR CARD 580 : Rental & Usage

Weekly rental (or part of it):
  $ 49.90 including data transmission volume of  50 MB.
Each supplementary  MB (1024KB) (or part of it) $ 0.50
Monthly rental:
1) $ 90 including data transmission volume of  120 MB
Each supplementary MB (1024KB) (or part of it)
 $ 0.50
2) $ 110 including data transmission volume of  500 MB
Each supplementary MB (1024KB) (or part of it) 
$ 0.50
3) $ 149.90  data transmission volume up to 10 GB.
Each supplementary MB(1024KB) (or part of it) 
$ 0.50

  Upon return of the AIR CARD (or once a month) we shall send you a bill to your permanent address. Your credit card will be automatically charged for the total amount of your bill.

jjj The Air Card will be delivered to your hotel or to any address in Israel on the day of your arrival. Delivery charge in Israel $ 9.90 If you wish the phone to be delivered in USA orders must reach us at least 10 days prior to your departure. Fee: $ 29.90

  With the air card you will receive a prepaid envelop with ATS' address on it. The day you leave put back the air card in the hard envelop and send it by our address. You can send the parcel at any post office throughout the country including at the Post office in Ben Gurion Airport. This post office is open from 07:00am to 12:00pm (except on Saturdays and Jewish Holidays). The post office is closed from Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm till Sunday morning 7:00 am / It is located in the main hall of departure (before going up to passport checking) You can also ask the reception of the hotel to send the air card for you.

Price list of items if not returned: don’t loose or damage the AIR CARD – There is no insurance available
  Air Card 580 or DATA POZ 
$ 420.00
  Software: (CD) $ 30.00

Note:All charges are billed in US$ and converted in Israeli Shekels. 15.5% VAT will be added.

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