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Short term rental
Delivery information

Required advance reservation for delivery in Israel: Two business days.
Required advance reservation for delivery in the US: 10 business days.

Delivery prices
in Israel if total calling usage is less 100 minutes      8$
in Israel if total calling usage is over 100 minutes      4$
Price for delivery within less than two business days: 15$

Returning  information

You may return your Sim  to ATS from any post office or at the Ben-Gurion airport post office, or request a pickup from anywhere in Israel.
Customs regulations prohibit sending cell phones to Israel or the US from other countries via mail; ATS is not responsible for cell phones seized in customs.

(We strongly do not recommend leaving the equipment with hotel staff or airport security to mail for you!)

Please Check your flight information! If the airport post office will be closed when you fly, you MUST arrange to return your equipment at a different P.O.

Pick Up information

For a pickup from your final destination in Israel please call A.T.S.
Required advance reservation for Pick up: 48 hours before your departure.
Pick up charges: $19 charged to your account.

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