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CALL ISRAEL  from USA for only $ 0.05/min  with a local access number)
CALL ISRAEL  from USA for only $ 0.11/min ( with a toll free access number)
CALL USA from Israel for only:   $0.043/min (with a local access number)
CALL USA from Israel for only $ 0.12/min with a toll free access number)

Pelecard One World One Card with local access numbers - available from 40 countries
Call Israel  for only $ 0.10
Call USA  for only $ 0.09 


Gives you the lower rates while calling from 40 different countries worldwide
Can be used with any touch phone and cellular phones
No monthly fee - No connection fee - No per call surcharge
Same rates 24 hours/day
New Features:
- Check your account over the web
- Speed dialing
-Ani registration  and much more!

Ordering the Virtual Pelecard! is Easy!
  Just complete the Order Form and then press submit. You'll receive an e-mail with your Pelecard pin number. That's all you need to start using your Virtual Pelecard.

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