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1. The price of a call will be in accordance with the ATS’ price list. Calls made to foreign cellular phones may incur an additional charge (not to USA and Canada)

2. Customer must dial international calls by using the prefix “013” in order to be charged by ATS and to benefit from the low ATS rates. However customers may if they wish continue to dial international calls through the other companies by dialing the 3 digits prefix.

3. ATS shall send free of charge a monthly-itemized bill to the customer by regular mail or by fax. Charges will be made monthly in accordance with the list of calls and time calculations of the supplier. The itemized bill becomes final 10 days afterwards unless a written objection to the bill is sent to ATS within this period.

4. The bill will be paid by credit card only.

5. ATS may ask the customer for guaranty of payment.

6. ATS is not responsible for the quality of the lines and for any damage caused by the supplier.

7. Customer must immediately notify ATS in writing of any change concerning the ownership of the telephone lines (change of address, name, telephone numbers, etc.)

8. This agreement is made under the laws of the State of Israel.

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