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Our Cell Phone Rental Plans Explained

1. Unlimited Calls in Israel (cellphone with SIM)
Both unlimited calls within Israel and unlimited SMS messages are available for only $40 for seven full days. For this plan, all calls made outside of Israel will be charged at a rate of $0.40 per minute.

2. Unlimited Calls Worldwide (cellphone with SIM)
If you already know that you'll want to make calls outside of Israel, then this plan can save you a great deal of money in the long run. You'll get unlimited calls and SMS messages worldwide for the small price of $50 for seven full days.

Both of the above plans are available with the rental of a brand-new Samsung 2G E1200 cellphone with a nice 1.52-inch TFT screen. This phone is incredibly easy to operate so that you won't have to take up valuable vacation time just trying to learn how to use it. It also provides a full 520 minutes of talk time from every full-battery charge, so there will be no worries about your phone dying when you need it most.

3. SIM Rental in Israel
Those who would like to use their own unlocked smartphone during their visit to Israel are welcome to do so, and you may be interested in this excellent option. You may rent a ready-to-use SIM card for seven days for the price of only $58.

This gives you full and easy access to unlimited calls, SMS messages and the Internet worldwide, and you can remain completely comfortable with the use of your own cell phone with all of your personal contacts and information already available to you.

4. Netstick Rental in Israel
If you plan to bring your laptop with you during your visit to Israel, then you may also use it to enjoy unlimited access to the Internet with the Isreali NetStick. A seven-day rental is only $50, and you may use it to share photos and videos from your trip activities and connect with your family and friends through the Internet at any time.

5. Smartphone Rental in Israel (SIM card included)
An excellent 4-GB Android smartphone with a 2-MP camera that features front and back photo capabilities is available for rental. This ready-to-use smartphone comes with an unlimited SIM card plan, and you'll enjoy access to all of the wonderful features that you would expect from a smartphone.
You may use your phone to take and post great pictures to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, access the phone's GPS feature to get step-by-step directions to your next great activity or play a few of your favorite games. You'll also be able to check and send emails, read news, download Google apps and have fun surfing the Internet.

Calls, SMS messages and data are all completely unlimited for your convenience. You'll also receive a suitable charger and a proper adapter for use during your time in Israel, and you may choose either a black or a white phone.

There are no hidden fees, and you'll pay only $72 for a full seven days of use.

6. Adapter
Even if you plan to use your own phone, you'll want to be sure to rent an appropriate adapter for it. Your phone won't work in Israel without it, and you can rent the correct adapter for just $3 for a seven-day time period.
An adapter is necessary for all phones and notebooks that are brought into Israel from America and most other countries.

7. USB Cord
Visitors often turn up for vacation and realize that they've forgotten to pack that all-important USB cord. A proper USB cord is available for rental for only $5 for a full seven days.

8. Phone Charger
Many people don't realize that using a charger at the wrong voltage has the capability of causing severe damage or even completely destroying any cellphone. Those visiting Israel from the US and many other countries are accustomed to utilizing chargers that use 110 to 120 volts of electricity at 60 Hertz, but those chargers won't work properly in Israel.

You must rent a phone charger that works with Israel's standard for electricity, which is 220 volts at 50 Hertz. This will keep your cellphone completely safe from harm due to improper electrical levels, and the rental price is only $8 for seven full days.

The Advantages of Our Cellphone Rental Plans

• Easy Phone Delivery: You won't have to worry about standing in any long lines to get your phone or have to wonder if the phone that you want is even available because A.T.S. makes phone delivery extremely easy. If you put your phone order in a full month before you are scheduled to visit Israel, then it can be shipped directly to your home address.

This is a great option for those who like to plan ahead and want to bring the phone into Israel when they arrive. You may also ask to have arrangements made to have your phone delivered to any hotel or at any other address within Israel, and it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Your convenience is always an important factor in how A.T.S. makes the rental phones available to visitors.

• Lost, Damaged or Stolen Phones: A.T.S. understands that something unexpected may happen to your rented phone, and you will have no need to worry about being responsible for any huge replacement charges. Insurance for both the phone and SIM card is included with your unlimited-rental reservations.
Whether you accidentally drop your phone and damage it, leave it behind at one of the spots that you visit or a thief snatches it, you will only be responsible for a single payment of $80. You will also enjoy full access to a replacement phone right away.

• Simple Phone Return: When your vacation is done, you'll have enough to do without worrying about getting your rental phone returned. A.T.S. has made returns easy by allowing you to leave your phone or SIM card at the front desk of your hotel on your way out or at any home or apartment you may have been staying at during your visit to Israel.
Absolutely - any hotel in Israel is fine, and you don't have to leave it at the hotel where you originally picked it up.

Great Reasons to Stay Connected

While it is true that some people want to go completely off the grid when they go away on vacation, it isn't generally the best idea to do so. There are several excellent reasons why you should plan to stay connected.

• Stay Safe: While you can expect a safe journey throughout Israel, there is always the possibility of something going awry. When you carry your rental cellphone with you, you can call for assistance if your rental car gets a flat tire or breaks down, use your GPS for directions if you should become lost or call the local police if you need to report some unlawful event.

• Share Your Vacation: In most cases, people have to leave most of their extended family and friends behind when they go on vacation. With your cellphone rental, you can share every moment with everyone who is important in your life.

Taking videos and photos at your various destinations makes it easy to keep your loved ones involved with your entire trip. You can also update your Facebook and Twitter accounts as you go along so that you don't have to play catch up at the end of your vacation.

• Keep Talking: With your cellphone, you are just a quick call away from a friendly voice back home, and your family is sure to be happy to hear that you are safe and happy every single day. With your unlimited plan, you can spend all of the time that you want chatting about your trip each night before you turn in. You may also call ahead to make reservations at your next hotel, or you may like to lock in your tickets for the next great stop on your tour of Israel.

• Utilize Search Functions and Apps: With your rental cellphone, you will be able to do research on local attractions and businesses as you travel. If you see a restaurant during your drive, then you can search to see what kind of food that is served and what prices that you might expect. If you come across an attraction that is not on your to-do list, then you can research it to see if it is a good place to stop and enjoy. Several smartphone apps are also useful in Israel.

For instance, while many people in Israel speak English, you can always use a translation app to help you out when needed.

Make Your Plans to Visit Israel Today

Many people spend their entire lives waiting for the chance to visit Israel, and there is absolutely no doubt that your trip to Israel will prove to be the most amazing vacation that you could have in your lifetime.

Start making your plans today by choosing a wonderful hotel, reserving your car rental and making an outline of all of the wonderful spots that you want to visit during your stay. Most of all, be sure to get your cellphone reservation locked in with A.T.S. so that you can enjoy your time in Israel to the fullest while staying fully connected the entire time


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