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Amazing Israel is visited all year long by millions of people from US and all around the world. Those of many different religious faiths travel to Israel to experience the biblical Holy Land for themselves. Others come to visit the Dead Sea, hit the beautiful beaches or party their nights away in Tel Aviv.

Whatever the reason that you decide to visit Israel, you are definitely going to need to make arrangements to rent a cell phone or SIM so that you can stay perfectly connected throughout your entire stay. Read about our rental plans.

Cellphone Rental and Services Through A.T.S.

Since 2007, A.T.S. has been Israel's premier provider of cell phone rentals and communication services for those who plan to spend some time visiting the area, which include groups, tourists, families, businesses and students.

You can expect an amazing quality of service, excellent support that is always available and the lowest prices that can be found on the market today.

Quality is a top priority at A.T.S., and the staff prides themselves on making sure every visitor is well connected within and outside of Israel during every minute of their visit. You can also be assured of friendly, English-speaking staff members who will do everything possible to ensure that your stay in Israel is enjoyable and free of any connectivity issues.


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